Lobo – walking ‘bot

This little guy was the first robot the WSU Robotics Club put together after I joined it (the same bunch of people as, later, built Eddie).

Lobo the walking robot

Lobo the walking robot

Lobo was constructed largely from bits and pieces we had just laying around:

  • Javelin Stamp – an upgraded BASIC Stamp that runs at a blistering rate of over 8,000 Java instructions per second.
  • ASC16 – a dedicated RC servo controller, commanded by serial commands sent to it by the Javelin.
  • SRF04 ultrasonic ranger for obstacle avoidance
  • 13 unmodified RC servos; 2 for each leg, and 1 for panning the sonar sensor
  • 4 NiCad cells for power
  • A bunch of leftover acrylic for the chassis
  • And 2 zip-ties for “ears” (certainly, the most critical component)


Here’s a video of Lobo’s very first steps:

And a video of Lobo successfully navigating around a thoroughly daunting obstacle – a cardboard box!

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