It has now been just over 6 years since I launched the last incarnation of my website. Finally, it has now been supplanted by this – a site that can safely be regarded as superior in virtually every way (if for no other reason than its tentative embrace of the buzzword-laden Web 2.0 – yes, it is now possible to comment on my content. How novel).

Many of my past projects are now well-documented here (of particular interest: Eddie, a Mars-rover inspired autonomous robot; and Elysium, a presentable solid-state Tesla Coil). Some others are only glorified photo-galleries at the moment; these will be expanded upon in due time.

Speaking of photos, I’ve picked up another hobby in the past year: photography. As a result, expect many more and better photos of my past (those that I still posses) and ongoing projects. These will make their way to my Flickr photostream before venturing here (and often, due to sheer volume, in lieu of ever appearing here).

Anyone that is familiar with my previous attempts at websites will be skeptical of my ability to make updates in a timely fashion (that is to say, more frequently than once per leap-year). I’m hoping that this blog format will encourage me to make more frequent postings about whatever it is that I’m currently working on (be it a project, some photography tidbit, or even just a hike I’ve been on). We shall see.

In the meantime, enjoy what I’ve posted thus-far:

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